THE BERRY BLUE (11.04 - 15.04.2014)

Lucas Odahara


Born in São Paulo in 1989 and living in Germany since 2011, Lucas Odahara’s work addresses contemporary topics emerged from new technology themes in sculptural form. 

On the Berry Blue exhibition we find works inspired by a collection of pictures by NASA from Mars, portraying a phenomena called ‘martian blueberries’, named by NASA’s scientists due to the false color of the spherical objects present in the images which the rover Opportunity took in 2004.

Inspired by the narrative aspects of this technological scientific images, Lucas approached the topic with a collection of sculptures in ceramics, a publication and a performance.

The sculptures are divided in two groups: as the physical correspondent of the martian blueberries, (big room), and as a hint on construction processes that lies between construction sites and 3D digital modeling, with works in clay and brass that elude us to picture objects in different kinds of imaginary formation processes.

In the catalog, a series of stories from different characters build a connected discourse about the Berry Blue phenomena, creating it a documentation that embraces narration and creates an open suggestion of its definition. 

And on the performance during the opening, using it as meaning maker for his pieces, Lucas gives a lecture about his relationship with a character, Larousse, and how his sculptures relate to the objects in Mars.

Built with Berta