EXHIBITION 03 (24.11 - 30.11.14)

In Times of Conflict



And there shall be land under your feet. That which supports existence and all the conflicts of existing; also those regarding the existence of the land itself. 

The EXHIBITION 03 - In Times of Conflict is the third show part of the Immigration Office Project in Bremen. One performance a day takes place in the gallery’s main room every evening during the exhibition. Young artists currently based in northern Germany were invited to take part on the exhibition.The gallery turns then into territory to be conquered by each of them. 

Every performance has as its start the same text, which instructs the performing artists, among other things, to conquer, inhabit and protect the space of the gallery. 

Considering on-going territory conflicts around the globe and the constant movement of artists between different places, how can the idea of territory be approached taking the gallery as land? And how does that shine possibly new perspectives on the topic that fills everyday news? 

PROGRAM (November):

24th - Claire Seringhaus
25th - Irene Strese
26th - Esther Adam
27th - Immigration Office
28th - Isaac Chong Wai
29th - Suin Kwon
30th - cylixe & Marius Roth

Built with Berta