AMBIGUOUS MIND (30.10 - 02.11.14)

Anastasia Zeller & Janis Kerperin


Anastasia Zeller lives and studies Fine Arts in Bremen at the Hochschule für Künste.
Her work is focused, among other topics, on phobias and sensual perception.
Janis Kerperin lives and works in Bremen.

How someone perceives a situation is depending on various factors which lead to an infinite range of emotions.
Experiences, memories, character, social pressure and expectations influence our behaviour.
We hide our true selves to get accepted by others but on the other hand we are looking for ways to express ourselves.

Ambiguous mind focuses on self-perception, memories, contradictions and the irrational attempt to locate or define a certain state of mind. Is there a way of control or do we have to accept and submit?

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