AS IF (03.10 - 05.10.14)

Annisa Utami / Jonas Otto / Oliver Noelting / Lucia Mendelova / Irena Kukric / Julian Hespenheide / Jasna Dimitrovska / Peter Buczkowski / David Beermann


AS IF it was a dream, with a rational trajectory.

A collection of contemporary cultural and technological narratives constructed by a set of different ideologies and configurations.
Scenarios that break out of the chronology of history and future can provide an embodied possibility for analysing, critically questioning and re-evaluating existing cultural phenomena.
These works are staged speculations of parallel worlds and made up supposes, maybes, perhapses and probablys in all their possible transfigurations.

We don’t need to dream of electric sheep. We can already speculate with precision.

This project was initiated and guided by Prof. Dennis P. Paul and supported by the Digital Media Program at the Hochschule für Künste Bremen

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