EXHIBITION 02 (04.07 - 11.07.14)

Under a common ground



On Exhibition 02 at the Immigration Office an archeological exploration takes place within the gallery’s underground by the artists Hannes Middelberg and Santiago Díaz Escamilla.

Middelberg lives and studies Fine Arts in Bremen at the Hochschule für Künste by Professor Rosa Barba and Díaz Escamilla lives and studies Visual Arts in Bogotá, Colombia at the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana. They were both invited to spend one month working together for the Exhibition 02 - Under a common ground

The connecting link between their own practices was found within the realm of drawing. Middelberg and Díaz Escamilla decided to activate the gallery space as a drawing in itself, through gestures and objects enacting within the site they chose to work in - the basement.

In order to achieve that, the artists worked for two weeks underneath the gallery space approaching it with scientific methodology, earnestness and precision. What does it happen when artists follow the investigative procedures of scientific endeavors, what are they looking for and which kind of results should we expect from such whimsical exploration? 

Interested in the basement as the physical basis of the gallery and taking this space as raw material exploration, Middelberg and Díaz Escamilla open up a study of the forms found within the site. One that investigates the stones, walls, dust, bricks, darkness and the feeling of being Under (a common) Ground. 


For the Finissage, SPENS room_off_our (Gustavo Mendez & Norman Neumann) gave a performance in the gallery's main room.


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