BLOW UP (18.12 - 21.12.14)

Matthias Esch & Lennart Rieder


Matthias Esch studies art since 2009 in Kassel, Antwerp and Berlin. After an unsatisfying career as winemaker, he turned his interest to painting in which he explores the substance of meaning. 
Being primarily concerned with the reduction of the universe to symbols and words, the use of signs and their perception.

Lennart Rieder has graduated from The School of Art and Design Kassel this year.. 
After years spent on exploring different fields in painting, lennart decided to question the material itself instead of running after artistic flows. His way of working results in constructed paintings, which discuss and disclose the pictorial process itself.
The cognition of the world is a fuzzy affair, painting itself is not per se flat, and the naming of things not necessarily links to the understanding of them!

The exhibition "Blow Up" investigates a variation of reality, an examination of matter,physical phenomena and dealing with speech, as well as visual statements.A flat canvas becomes the universe, a tunnel turns inside out, an illusionistic room stands opposite to a physical...

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