DRAWING DIALOG PIECES (19.11 - 20.11.14)

Ingrid Ogenstedt & Anna Sörenson


In Summer 2012 Anna Sörenson visited Ingrid Ogenstedt in Bremen, Germany. During a visit to Ingrid’s studio the two friends realized that both of them had been working with ideas connected to John Cage, unknowingly of the other. 

Anna had been working with John Cage’s Fontana Mix, making drawings based on the four models Cage introduce in the piece. With just paper, pencils and a copy machine she had made around twenty drawings she had exhibited in Brussels and wanted to continue to work with.

Ingrid had been working with Cage’s great interest for mushrooms and the concept of ideas coming up randomly from a network of underground roots. Working with photos and two projectors she had created a installation that was shown in Bremen during the John Cage Day. 

Together they decided to collaborate, with Cage as a starting point and a coming together in an exhibition as an aim. Since Anna just had moved back to Sweden and Ingrid was still living in Bremen they decided to start to, once a week, write a question and an answer to each other as well as pictures from each others processes. The result of their works will be shown in Bremen as well as in Stockholm.

Anna Sörenson is born and raised in Stockholm. She received her BFA from Umeå University in northern Sweden. In 2012, Anna received her MFA from Pratt Institute supported by her Fulbright Scholarship. She has since then had a number of solo and group exhibitions in both New York and Stockholm, as well as a post Master in performance art in Brussels, Belgium. 


Ingrid Ogenstedt is a swedish born artist, currently living in Germany. She has a BFA from Umeå University in Sweden and a Diplom in Fine Arts from HFK Bremen, Germany. She is now preparing for her Meisterschüler for Professor Ingo Vetter that will result in an exhibition in 2015. 


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